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Uniquely New Zealand


Uniquely New Zealand is a Touring, Camping and Sailing Guide enabling one to get to the places in New Zealand that "Packages" can thankfully still not reach. It concentrates on the things that make New Zealand special and what has shaped the country, its people and their leisure activities. We are convinced that the simpler the lifestyle one is prepared to adopt the closer you will get to the real New Zealand and the better you will experience it's scenery, wildlife and sports. So what are the special and unique things that bring us back year after year that you should not miss.

We cover our own experiences of activities such as sailing, fishing and camping which are fundamental to the Kiwi way of life. The content draws extensively on our "Letters from the Antipodes" Emailed to friends the last 15 years with pictures added on our return to form a comprehensive touring guide. There is a lot of information but much of it is still organised chronologically. If you want specific information on, for example, a place you are thinking of visiting or an activity please try the Search Engine which has a complete index of every word on our sites and is updated weekly.

We have tried to extract information from the chronological organisation into specific pages which are accessible from the bottom of this page. We however have not been good at keeping these updated as often as we should.


These pages form a record of our travels over the last 18 years. We usually try to make the pages self contained so their is a certain amount of duplication when we return to favourite places. All the pages are generously provided with pictures, in the early days from film cameras and digital images taken from our video cameras which had still facilities. From the begriming the text had small thumbnail images which could be clicked to give an enlarged 'popup' image in a new window. By 2005 we were only using our new digital cameras and the new 'popup' images were provided in two sizes to cover different screen sizes and also to allow bandwidth reduction when mobile or on slow connections.

During the 18 years both the Internet and hardware has not stood still and there are now some new factors to consider, in particular many people including ourselves are now accessing our pages from Smart Phones and Tablets which are unable to handle popup images well, in most cases they open them in a new tab. We are now offering an option (the default) of using an Overlay technique most often called a Lightbox Effect. This is now available on all the NZ touring pages from 2005 onwards although the automatic scaling works best on pages written in the latest web standard HTML5. I will be updating the earlier pages but there are over 50 pages and at the best it takes 20 minutes per page.

So in summary the early pages up to 2004 are best viewed on a standard computer or laptop as they use popup images. From 2005 'Lightbox' style overlay images are available and the pages can be viewed on Smart Phones, Tablets and Computers. From 2014 (but I will be working back) the pages use the latest web standard HTML5 and the images also scale vertically as well as horizontally on all devices. The display settings can be changed on pages with such images on the bottom right corner.

Pages prior to 2005 are best viewed on a Computer or Laptop

Background and Reference Information

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