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Pauline's second book is still available
Success at the Heart of Government.
Working with Ministers

Book Cover © Pauline Curtis Pauline tells the story of her time as a career civil servant at the heart of the last Conservative Government’s industrial policy.

She describes life alongside politicians in the Whitehall jungle as she clawed her way up the career ladder, trying to overtake her administrative colleagues, and recognising that she had to turn her uniqueness to her advantage. There are few senior civil servants who trained as research scientists and chartered engineers and even less have made an impact with science, engineering and technology as an academic, in parallel with success in their civil service career. And these are not women !

Her story is peppered with personal anecdotes as well as rare and illuminating technical and policy extracts. Starting from her first policy job as the most junior member of a small team in the Policy and Perspectives Unit, her success quickly led to her managing her own teams and advising on significant budget expenditures. Her final insights come from her time 15 years later as a member of the prestigious Senior Open Structure, leading a policy Branch in the Department of Trade and Industry.

This book continues her story since leaving Oxford and the research world which she wrote about in her earlier book ‘Quiet Quadrangles and Ivory Towers’.

You can purchase the book for £17.99 plus pp or download a copy as an eBook (PDF format) by following this link or through Amazon and Lulu but they take a huge cut!

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