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New Zealand Book List

We have built up a library of books on New Zealand during our visits and have initiated this catalogue. Many of them have to stay in New Zealand or back at home due to the weight! We have added a few books we have not purchased but have read, used for reference or would like to purchase.

Sailing in New Zealand.

"The Penny Whiting Sailing Book" - Penny runs courses in New Zealand and has a very simple, practical and pragmatic approach.

"Royal Akarana Yacht Club Coastal Cruising Handbook" - The bible for cruising and finding "interesting and attractive anchorages, sheltered in relation to the weather conditions prevailing at the time" with sketch plans showing the dangers and "in general to supply the information and local information without which many snug and pleasant havens are barred to a stranger".

"Destination NZ Blue Water Cruisers Guide" Ed Graham Brice. - Very useful to any visitor to NZ wishing to sail as well as the true Blue Water Cruiser. Lots of good maps of the popular areas showing anchorages etc to augment the full charts and lead you to the correct entries in the RAYC handbook above. Also has lots of useful background on the areas and heritage.

"Anchorages in the Hauraki Gulf " Paul Radley , David Ling Publishing, P.O. 34-601 Birkenhead Auckland ISBN 0-908990-57-X. This has a superb set of aerial photographs of many of the best anchorages in the inner gulf to attract one to new places. We finally found and purchased a copy having seen it whilst sailing on "Lattitude 55"

"Blokes and Boats" by Bill McCarthy with photos by Brian Moorhead, published by Harper Collins. A spur of the moment purchase in Kiwifruit in London when we found it featured our friend Dave Bott and his boat Penguin - great.

"The Handbook of Knots" Des Pawson, Dorling Kindersley ISBN 1-8718-5404-0. 100 knots with annotated, step by step photographs. Fishing, camping, sailing, climbing and decorative knots. The clearest knot book we have found and we have copies in UK and NZ.

"Images of the Hauraki Gulf" Di Miller & William Owen, Hodder and Stoughton ISBN 0-340-51964-9. It is by an experienced sailor in the gulf and a professional photographer will help reveal the possibilities of the Hauraki gulf before sailing. A book probably available through libraries outside of NZ and a cut above the usual picture books with useful text. We read this whilst on a cruise but it is not one we will purchase.

"New Zealand Cruising Guide Central Area" by Keith W J Murray and Baron Ralph von Kohorn, published Steven William Publications, ISBN 978-0-9597848-9-3 - has a vast amount of detail on the local conditions, anchoring techniques and covers every possible mooring throughout the Marlborough Sounds. It will let you know what to expect and let you realistically plan your trip - we wish we had one before we started and have bought one for planning in the future.

"Islands of the Hauraki Gulf" by Shirley Maddock and Don Whyte

"Far as Man may Go - Captain Cooks New Zealand" by Shirley Maddock and Don Whyte 1969 published by Collins 1969 no ISBN - we also have

Fishing in New Zealand

All about New Zealand's Favourite Fish by Steve Sneddon and Gary Kemsley. We spent ages looking for a suitable fishing book before finding it in duty free whilst leaving the country.

"Fishing the Hauraki Gulf" by Bruce Duncan with Mike Rose, published 2002 by Hodder Moa Beckett ISBN 1-86958-931-9. This book identifies hundreds of fishing spots and has charts of all the best sites. Birthday present 2004

General Interest

"HEMA Road Map" - the best map we have found with a good scale with NZ covered in about 80 A4 pages plus town maps. Also has DOC camp sites marked as well as other features of interest including filming location for Lord of the Rings. The grid can be used with most GPSes unlike other maps. Spiral Bound 2005 dual Island edition bought half price in Paper Plus for $15 in Jan 2006.

"Hema New Zealand Motorhome and Camping Atlas" ISBN13: 9781877302473 2007 RRP: 34.95 Size: A4 - This is even better than the map above as it features details on more than 1200 places in New Zealand where you can pitch a tent or pull up your motorhome. To make it easy to find the sites you are interested in, all they are cross referenced onto the same detailed road atlas as above where every site is numbered and colour coded.

"New Zealand from Space" by Barry Bradley published by Penguin, ISBN 0-14-029880-0. A stunning compilation of overhead and three dimensional satellite images from SPOT, IRS and Landsat 7. The images include details of many of the areas we have sailed as well as toured.

"New Zealand Historical Atlas" published by Bateman. A full colour journey through NZ's past to its present in maps, pictures and words. 100 large double page spreads using sophisticated computer technology providing presentations of exceptional detail and originality. first published in 1997. We found a second-hand copy for $25 in poor external but perfect internal condition.

"Contemporary Atlas of New Zealand - The Shapes of our Nation" Russell Kirkpatrick published by Bateman ISBN 1-86953-408-5. This gives a new meaning to mapping and provides a comprehensive thematic atlas of the country. A reference book you may wish to read or obtain after a couple of visit which helps one understand many of background factors which have governed the development of the New Zealand one sees today.

"New Zealand Official Yearbook 95" written and published by Statistics New Zealand. This is the 98th edition of this definitive source of data on New Zealand, now updated and published every 5 years so there should be a new adition by now. It is a massive hardback of over 600 pages which offers not only raw data but a wide range of articles on history and contempory society and a selection of international comparisons placing New Zealand in the global community. It is also a good source of information on Maori Society. We bought it, when we were considering emigrating, from Kiwi Fruits in London for about £25 - it must be heavily subsidised by government.

"New Zealand Official Yearbook 1937" an early copy for comparison with the above obtained second hand for $10.

"New Zealand's Heritage - the making of a nation" in 21 Volumes Published Hamlyn House. An offer we could not refuse when we had bargained the shop down to $65 for the set. Originally published as a weekly series over two years in 1971 and updated in 1978, it still has a huge amount of valuable background information. We have managed to get the first 9 volumes back to the UK so far.

"Above New Zealand" by Craig Potton published by Craig Potton Publishing Ltd and Moa Beckett Publishers Ltd. ISBN? 9 780908 802111. Craig Potton blends his superb descriptive photography with images in which pattern, texture and mood combine to create an outstanding and distinctive interpretation of the New Zealand landscape. This is one of many books of his photographs, all are good as are his illustrated diaries. This is a perfect large format "Table Book" to show people after you have returned or to hook you before you go! Available in Kiwi Fruits in London (circa £24) along with his diaries and calenders.

"The Reed Field Guide to New Zealand Wildlife" Geoff Moon, Reed, ISBN 0-7900-0307-4. A good guide small enough to travel with one even in a rucksack. Good photographs of much common wildlife.

"The Hand Guide to the Birds of New Zealand" Hugh Robertson and Barrie Heather, Penguin ISBN 0-14-028835-X. Paintings by a leading NZ bird artist and text by two renowned bird experts.

"The Native Trees of New Zealand" by J T Salmon published by Reed ISBN 07900 0104 7 - a superb book on New Zealand trees which is incredibly detailed and with many illustrations but far too heavy to take home.

"The Wines and Vineyards of New Zealand" by Michael Cooper published by Hodder, Moa and Beckett ISBN 1-86958-702-2. We now have two editions and they have excellent photographs by John McDermott as well as the authoritative text by Michael Cooper. They include good background and introductory sections as well as details of all the major vineyards and wines.

"The Enduring Land" The Story of the Bay of Islands Maritime and Historic Park DOC Publication - An A5 sized 1989 paperback by DOC, part of a series which has not been reprinted recently but well worth seeking any of them out by asking in the major DOC offices which still have stocks of many of them. We also have The Hauraki Gulf, the Abel Tasman, Egmont, Wanganui, Ruapehu and the Marlborough Sounds in the same series

"The Wanganui River - A scenic, historic and wilderness experience" published by the Department of Lands and Surveys 1982, first edition by the Wanganui River Reserves Board 1981. ISBN 0 473 00100 4

"A Pictorial History of the Wanganui River" by Arthur P Bates published by Wanganui Newspapers Ltd ISBN 0-9597636-5-1. Fascinating reading if you wish to explore the Wanganui.

"Rapids and Riverboats on the Wanganui River" by Robert D Campbell published by Wanganui newspapers Ltd., in 1990 ISBN 0 908782 01 2 - an excellent reference book as well as interesting reading. with many old stories.

"Paddlewheels on the Wanganui" by Alec Reid ISBN 0-473-02090-4 - a fascinating account of life on the river by an ex riverboat engineer.

"Paddle Steamer Waimarie" - a short booklet on the Waimarie by the Whanganui Riverboat Restoration and Navigation Trust Inc ISBN 0-473-07734-5

"Now and Then - Recollections of life on the Whanganui River" compiled by Jo Robinson and produced by the Ruapehu Bulletin - a short millen/ium booklet with old pictures and recollections.

"Guide to the Whanganui River " 12th ed 2002 by the NZ Recreational Canoeing Association ISBN 0 9597823 6 2

"Kauri Gum and Gumdiggers" by Bruce Hayward and "Kauri Timber Days" by Bruce Hayward with John Diamond both published by The Bush Press. These books have many pictures from the past and are available from the Kauri Museum at Matakoe.

"Tarawera Eruption Centenial" The catalogue of the centenary exhibition at Rotorua 1986, published by Rotorua Council. ISBN 0-473-00366-X. Bought at Whaimangu. Photographs, etchings and pictures from before and after the eruption with some explanatory text and early maps. Colour prints are stuck in and include those by Charles Blomfield of the pink and White terraces.

"Good Old Kiwi Baches and a few Cribs too" by Kevin Male Penguin Books ISBN 0 14 100630 7. We read this whilst staying in a bach on Waiheke - very interesting but not a high priority to buy new but worth picking up second hand at the right price.

"The New Story of the Kauri" A H Reed published by Reed. We have a copy of the 3rd Edition which was published in 1964 with a signed inserted picture by A H Reed and Tudor Collins who took most of the pictures in the accompanying Pictorial History of The Kauri with 300 illustrations. ($55 in 2003).

"New Zealand" by Reginald Horsley in 'Romance of Empire' series circa 1908 - provides a century old perspective. (In poor condition but with untrimmed pages and colour plates $25)

"The Story of New Zealand" by A H Reed published by Reed 1945 (first edition $3 in poor condition) no ISBN number.

"Ghost Towns of New Zealand" by David McGill published by AH & AW Reed 1980 ISBN 0 589 01269 X - a book that tells the tale, from the pioneering pillage of whales, gold, kauri, gum and coal to the final decline and death of what were once prosperous industries and towns.($19 in fair condition)

"The Wahine Disaster" Max Lambert and Jim Hartley (c) 1969 republished by Fontana 1974 ($4 ex libris Horowhenua)

"Ferries of Auckland" The History of the Auckland ferries $10 new from the Mad Butcher

"Ferries of Waiheke" The History of the Auckland ferries $10 new from the Mad Butcher

"Tragedy on the Track" Geoff Conly and Graham Stewart (c) 1986 published by Grantham House ISBN 1 86934 008 6 - Tangiwai and other New Zealand Railway Accidents ($10 paperback in fair condition from Archway books)

"Tutira" by Guthrie Smith ex library copy 4th edition in poorish condition $10

"An Eyewitness History of New Zealand" Robin Bromby, Currey O'Neil ISBN 0 85902 306 0. Great events as writen about in the newspapaers at the time. $18

"Young Logan Campbell" R C J Stone AUP and OUP 1982 ISBN 0 19 648019 1 Ex Libris $10

"Roaming Round New Zealand" Frank Clune Halstead Press Sydney No ISBN. Excellent account of NZ in 1956 by an Australian with lots of comparisons of the Dominions. Ex Libris $% in very poor condition.

"West Coast Memories - Its mostly about Flying - Volumes 1 and 2" by Paul Beauchamp Legg and published by the same in 1994 ISBN 0-9583429-0-3 and 0-9-9583429-5-4 Ex Libris $10 each.

"Charles Kingsford Smith - Smithy The world's Greatest Aviator" Pedr Davis Summit Books 1977 ISBN 0 7271 01447 - Commemorating 50th Anniversary so not entirely NZ. $6.95

"The Wind Commands - Salors and Sailing Ships in the Pacific" by Harry Morton University of Columbia Press 1975 no ISBN $2 in Op shop - Good condition

"Decently and In Order - centennial History of the Auckland City Council" by G W A Bush published for the Auckland City Council by Collins 1971 no ISBN

Parliament book - packed so no details

"The Story of Hawkes Bay" by A H Reed published by A H and A W Reed 1958 no ISBN Signed first Edition without cover $18

Autobiographical and Biographical

"The Happy Wanderer" A H Reed published by Reed. The last book written by A H Reed when 98 which recaptures some of the highlights, otherwise buried in the authors numerous travel books which were out of print at the time. Bought second-hand for $12 in 2002

"Walks in Maoriland Byways" by A H Reed published by Reed 1958 (first edition $8) no ISBN number.

"From North Cape to Bluff" by A H Reed published by Reed 1961 (signed first edition $15 in poor condition) no ISBN number. A journey on foot at the age of 85 from end to end of New Zealand.

"The Four Corners of New Zealand" by A H Reed published 1954 by Reed - The four 'Farthest' books drawn together in one volume ($8 in acceptable condition

"Young Kauri" by A W Reed published 1975 by Reed ISBN 0 589 00935 4 - Personal Recollections of AH Reed by his niephew.

"The Gumdiggers, The story of Kauri Gum" by A H Reed published 1972 by Reed ISBN 0 589 00732 7 - Personal Recollections by A H Reed of his return to the Gum Fields (Signed and numbered First Edition 306 of 2500, good condition $30 in Napier)

"Footslogger" by A H Reed published by A H and A W Reed in 1966 the story of his walk from Sydney to Melbourne at the age of 90 (First edition but printed in Australia? in fair condition at $18)

"Marlborough Journey" by A H Reed published by A H and A W Reed in 1963 the story of his journeys in Marlborough at the age of 87 (First edition in moderate condition at $15)

"Autobiography" by A H Reed published by A H and A W Reed

"The Story of New Zealand" by A H Reed published by Fontana Silver Fern 1974 first published by A H Reed published by A H and A W Reed in 1974- poor condition paperback.

"Ink on my Fingers" by F W G Miller published by A H and A W Reed in 1967 First edition, torn cover. No ISBN. The story of various Southern newspapers by their well know editor, poet and collector of characters. $8 from Hard to Find books of Devenport

"The Golden Bush" by Temple Sutherland, published Whitcombe and Tombs 4th impression 1957 (c) 1953 - living in the wild country (with dog) during the depression. ($5 with picture of Temple Sutherland glued in front)

"Green Kiwi" by Temple Sutherland, published Beckett Publishing, (c) 1956 this edition 1988 ISBN 0-908676-61-1. The story of a new immigrant working in Northland farming and on the shores of the Kaipara Harbour. (Paperback reissue $5).

"The Silver Fern" by Temple Sutherland, published A H and A W Reed , 1959 - The account of a leisurely gypsy journey in search of New Zealand by car and caravan. (First Edition fair with cover $5).

"Maui and Me" by Temple Sutherland, published A H and A W Reed, 1963 - A Search for a fisherman's El Dorado. (First Edition fair but without cover $5).

"Span of the Wheel, the Autobiography of a Driver" by Temple Sutherland, published Hodder and Stoughton, 1973 ISBN 0 340 17741 1 - The six in the series of Temple Sutherland's books.

"Evergreen Journey" by Temple Sutherland published by Hodder and Stroughton 1983 ISBN 0 340 342870 - an autobiography which brings together his other writings and puts them in context. (First Edition in very good condition $10).

"The sixty million muster" by Temple Sutherland, published Hodder and Stoughton - The last in the series of Temple Sutherland's books.

"A River Rules my Life" - life on the high stations, the first in a series by a popular authoress. (1963 reprint - $10 in moderate condition without cover also signed copy)

"Logs of the Mount Algidus" by Mona Anderson, 1963, published by A H and A W Reed

"The Riddle of Richard Pearse - hundredth anniversary edition" by Gordon Ogilvie 4th edition published Reed, 2003 ISBN 0 7900 0329 5 - The story of New Zealand's Pioneer Aviator and Inventor

"Along the Road" by Elsie K Morton 1928 - a book of New Zealand life and travels (Poor condition 2nd Impression 1928 $5)

"One Good Run: The Legend of Burt Munro" by Tim Hanna publisher: Penguin, 2006 ISBN 978-0143019749. - The story of Burt Munro's life and his sacrifices to the God's of Speed. We had tried to buy a copy in the UK after we had watched the film "The World's Fastest Indian" on a flight to NZ and then bought the DVD. We finally found and bought a copy second hand in Napier. We were enthralled by both and could not resist going to Invercargill to see his bikes at the Hayes shop.

"Hurricane Tim: The Story of Sir Tim Wallis" by Neville Peat ISBN: 9781877361173 - this makes interesting background reading about the founder of Warbirds over Wanaka although the Warbirds only forms a small part of the story. It is primarily about an entrepreneur who largely creatied the Venison industry in New Zealand and about hunt and capturing deer from helicopters.

“A Shower of Spray and we are Away” by Fred Ladd with Ross Annabell published by AH and AW Reed 1971 ISBN 0 589 00692 4 - about Fred Ladd, an aviation pioneer who brought and operated the Grumman Widgeon amphibians we used to fly in the Bay of Islands.

“A bit of a Ladd” by Fred Ladd with Ross Annabell published by Reed Methuen 1987 ISBN 0 474 00255 1 - about Fred Ladd, an aviation pioneer who brought and operated the Grumman Widgeon amphibians we used to fly in the Bay of Islands.

Maori Culture

"Te Marae, A Guide to Customs & Protocols" by Hiwi and Pat Tauroa and published by Reed ISBN 0-7900-0055-5 - Comprehensive coverage of the Marae and understanding of how traditional and contemporary Maori life is centred on the Marae.

"Hui, A Study of Maori Ceremonial Gatherings" by Anne Salmond, Reed ISBN 07900-0205-1. A serious and somewhat academic book lent us by Kev and Jenny.

"...Taku Whare E... My Home My Heart" by Morvin T Simon published by the Whanganui Regional Community Polytechnic, no ISBN number and was bought in Wanganui - this is a brief anthology of Marae in the Wanganui and Rangitikei districts with specific details of the protocols of specific Marae as well as an excellent introduction to the procols of the Marae.

"Tikanga Whakaaro - Key concepts in Maori culture" by Cleve Barlow published by Oxford university Press ISBN 019 558212 8. Explanations in English and Maori of 70 important terms in Maori culture with their significance explained with reference to tradition, custom, myth, ritual and present day understanding.

"Exploring Maori Values" by John Patterson published by Dunmore Press. ISBN 0 86469 156 4. Offers Pakeha an insight into Maori thought and values. Topics include Maori environmental values, values in proverbs and myths, Maori virtues, reciprocity and balance and Maori concepts of collective responsibility.

"Dictionary of Modern Maori" by P M Ryan, Heinemann ISBN 0 86863 569 3. This also contains a section of Maori proverbs. The author has also written several Teach yourself Maori books.

"An Illustrated History of the Treaty of Waitangi" by Cladia Orange, published 2004 by Bridget Williams Books SBN 1-877242-16-0. Cladia Orange is the Director History and pacific Cultures at Te Papa and well known for her research on Treaty issues. The treaty of Waitangi is the founding document of new Zealand and the issues raised are still causing considerable debate. The book begins before the signing and tells the story of the Treaty to the present day. The history is one of two peoples meeting, of encounters and negoiations, agreements made and broken, laws, claims and protests, as Maori and Pakeha seek ways of living together in New Zealand.

"Te Wahi Pounamu - The Place of Greenstone" by Alfred Moreton published 2008 by Alfred Moreton ISBN 978-0-473-13217-0 - valuable insights into recent extraction and use of Pounamu as well as it's history. New but half price at $35 in Hokitika

"Jade Treasures of the Maori" by Murdock Riley, published Viking Seven Seas 1994 ISBN 85467 090 4 - a tiny book but full of information and references. New 2012 $9.99 in Paihia


"Coromandel Gold" by Phil Moore and Neville Ritchie, Dunmore Press 1996, - A guide to the Historic Goldfields of the Coromandel Peninsula which has a lot of background and maps of all the major Goldfields and associated information producing a practical guide for visitors to experience something of the 'magic' of the old mining areas from the surviving features.

"Historic Gold Trails of the Coromandel" by Tony Nolan Published by Reed 1977 ISBN 0 589 01035 2 - An excellent introduction to Coromandel Goldfields, one of several A4 sized paperbacks on different goldfields by Tony.

"Costly Gold" by J S & R W Murray, Reed Publishing ISBN 0 589 011324. We saw this in an information centre in Cromwell and finally found a copy second hand.

"A Circlet of Gold" J S Murray, Allied Press 1984 ISBN 0 86466-005-7. Personal links with Otago Goldfields history by author of Costly Gold.

"A History of Goldmining in New Zealand" by J H M Salmon published by R.E. Owen, Government Printer, Wellington, New Zealand, 1963. Probably the definative book on Goldmining throughout New Zealand. A government sponsored publication now available as a facsimile at circa $60 published by Cadsmonbury Publications Christchurch. ISBH 1 877151 48 3. Original editions are expensive at $80 - $120 - we obtained one finally at a bookshop in Devenport.

"Kawarau Gold" by R S M Sinclair published in by 1962 Whitcombe & Tombs. Rather specific in geographic coverage but with a lot of information on Dredging we have not seen elsewhere.

"The Golden Cobweb - a Saga of the Otago Goldfields" by H A Gleeson published and printed by The Otago Daily Times, Dunedin - first published in 1957 and obtained second hand for $19. Covers the period of the Otago Goldfield Rushes of 1861 - 1864 and is based on the newspaper reports at the time which "embalm the actaul events of the immediate time" making fascinating reading.

"Banking Under Difficulties or Life on the Goldfields" by G O Preshaw 1888 reprinted by Capper in 1977 ($15 in as new condition)

"The Golden Reefs" by Darrell Latham 1984 second edition published Nikau Press 1992 (new signed copy $69.95). A definative account of the great Days of Quartz Mining at Reefton, Waiuta and the Lyell with many old pictures.

"The New Zealand Gold Fossicker's Handbook" by Tony Nolan 1983 published by Reed ISBN 0 589 01479 X (moderate condition $5)

"Maratoto Gold" by Ann Bale published by Hodder and Stoughton 1971 ISBN 0 340 15775 5 - a personal account of a family who took up goldmining in the 1960s

"Golden Canyon" by F W Craddock published by Pegasus 1973 - The story of Skippers road and the Shotover Valley, one of the great goldfields of Otago.

"Prices of Thames" by Bob Scott 1983 published by Southern Press ISBN 0 908616 06 6. (New A4 softback $10 fromCarson's bookshop Thames). The story of the great Thames Locomotive and General Engineers who made much of the equipment for the goldfields and are still in production now.

"Historic Gold Trails of Nelson and Marlborough" by Tony Nolan, published AH and AW Reed, 1976 ISBN 0 589 00749 1. A traveller's guide to the goldfields of historic Nelson and Marlborough and a portrayal of the spirited characters and hardy pioneers who opened up the provinces and blazed the trail of their prosperity.

"The Speculators' Dream - Gold Dredging in Southern New Zealand" by T J Hearn and R P Hargreaves published Allied Press 1985 ISBN 0-86466-012-X

"Gold Trails of Otago" by June A Wood, published by A H and A W Reed 1970 ISBN 0 589 007769 - one of a series; this one was used as the initial source for the Goldfields Heritage trail booklets ($25 in moderate condition)

"The Heart of the Desert" by James Crombie Parcell published by Whitcoulls ISBN 0 7233 0465 3 1951, reprinted in 1976 - A history of the Cromwell and Bannockburn districts of Otago. Another book we saw from behind the counter in the information centre in Cromwell. This book is referenced in many other gold books and we spent a long time looking for an affordable copy before finding one in Dunedin (guide price $80 - obtained $48 in new condition).

"Goldtown" by Philip Ross May published by Pegasus 1962 (guide price $45 bought at $30 ex libris in Dunedin)

"Tuapeka - The Land and it's People" by W R Mayhew, published by Otago Centennial Historical publications, 1949 - a is a social History of the Borough of Lawrence and the surrounding districts which has good coverage of Gold in the area. (First edition signed by the author $75)

"Gold in the River" by F W G Miller, published by A H and A W Reid 1946 rev 1969 - True story of how goldmining saw a jounalist through the grim depression of the 1930s to more prosperous times ($28 in sound condition).

"Gold Mining at Waihi 1878-1952" by J B McAra, published by Martha Press 1988 edition, ISBN 0-908596-29-4. - The early story of one what was of the most important Gold Mines in Australasia. A fascinating and definitive, if somewhat repetitive, account by an ex mine manager and battery superintendant at Waihi who then became Inspector of Mines for the Hauraki area for 19 years before retiring. ($35 special price new from the information office in Waihi, also a first edition poor ex libris at $15)

"Patearoa Past and Present" by Jim Sullivan published by Rock and Pillar Press 2005 ISBN 0-473-10439-3 - Stories and Pictures from a Central Otago Gold Town - Jim Sullivan is a Dunedin broadcaster who also writes widely on NZ history (New $28)

Gold mining and other books we are still looking for:

"The West Coast Goldfields" by Phillip Ross May pub Pegasus 62 and revised in 1967 (GP $125)

"Charleston. Its Rise and Decline." Irwin Faris., A.W. Reed., 1941 History of gold mining town from 1866. Photos, street plans, electors, graveyards.

Samuel Butler - and "The Way of all Flesh"

We have also been advised to look at any books by Harris Beatty, F W Miller and Robert Gilkison.

New Zealand Classics

Most of these books were reprinted in uniform series published by Viking and/or Golden Press in 1974. The originals were published around the turn of the century

"The Long White Cloud" by William Pember Reeves. The first and definitive history of New Zealand written in 1898 by one of leading politicians at the turn of century. It provides tremendous insights about the early years of the colony and its political development. We have a 3rd edition from 1924 - the last edition with Reeves input and a 4th edition in the "Classics" series. This is a must buy if you see it.

"Poenamu" by John Logan Campbell covers the early years in NZ of the man generally acknowledged to be the founding father of Auckland.

"Old New Zealand - A tale of the good old times by a Pakeha Maori" F E Maning. Fascinating reading by a Pakeha who lived his life with the Maori - may be a little larger than life at times but seems to have been the inspiration for a video for schools.

"Station Life in New Zealand" Lady Barker. We have a second-hand copy which is not in the "Classics" series.

"Station Amusementd in New Zealand" Lady Barker. Facsimile paperback edition by Wilson and Horton of initial publication of 1874. $8.

"Check to your King" by Robin Hyde recounts the adventures of the de Thierry family. Baron de Thierry, self-styled King Pokena of Hokianga was arguable NZs most romantic coloniser. Part English, part French Charles de Thierry trustingly bought 40,000 acres from the missionary Thomas Kendall and the two colourful chiefs he brought with him to meet the King of England.

"Adventure in New Zealand" by Edward Jerningham Wakefield, the swashbuckling son of the founder of the NZ company was nineteen when he arrived. During his five years in the young colony he kept a journal upon which this book is based.

"The Old Whaling Days" by Robert Mcnab first published 1913 and republished as a New Zealand Classics Giant in 1975 by Golden Press ISBN 0 85558 4327 - the story of NZs wildest days (1830 -1840) when French, American and British ships scoured the coastline for the sperm whale; when violent crimes went unpunished because there were no laws and a British sea captain helped te Rauparaha to slaughter an Akaroa chief and his people. (Finally found in Archway Books at $55 and bargained down to $40 in moderate condition)

Fiction in the Classics series.

"The Greenstone Door" by William Satchell. Closely based on fact and gives useful insights into life in early times including Earl Grey.

"Erewhon" Samuel Butler. Almost science fiction written at the turn of the century - may be a sideswipe at some of early Maori values and the logical consequences.

"The Complete Stories of Katherine Mansfield". The collected works of arguable the most famous of New Zealand's authors. ($25 in good condition).

Facsimile Copies of classics

"Auckland, the Capital of New Zealand" by W Swanson 1853. Facsimile Copy by Wilson and Horton ($3). Descriptions of the embryo city and surroundings by the Attoney-General of the new colony.

"Yesterdays in Maoriland" by Andreas Reinschek 1902 Facsimile copy of the 1930 translation. Reinschek was a pioneer taxidermist who roamed the bush and mountains studying the flora nd fauna collecting over 14,000 specimins in 8 major expeditions.

"Narrative of Voyage to New Zealand" by J L Nicholas published as Facsimily copy of 1817 original by Wilson and Horton. Two Volumes. Nicholas accompanied the Rev Samual Marsden to the Bay of Islands when the first mission was set up with intimate glimpses of the pioneer missionary.

Contemporary Books

"Gather the Wind" by Daphne de Jong published Harper Collins 1999 ISBN 1 86950 301 5 - a sweeping historical novel by a well known author involving whaling, sealing and gold and set around the time of the treaty of Waitangi. It claims to be historically correct and has a list of references. (30 cents in a charity pile)

"The Piano" by J Campion and K Pullinger, Bloomsbury Publishing 1994 ISBN0 7475 1829 7 - A film/book based on a true story of a dumb woman who came to New Zealand to an arranged marriage with her illegitamate daughter and her piano and a subsequant love story that transfixed millions in the cinema. ($5 in paperback)

"The Illustrated Denniston Rose And Heart Of Coal" by Jenny Pattrick published by Black Swan ISBN-13: 9781869417994 . New and one of Pete's 60th Birthday presents so we can not give a price! The two Denniston novels have become best-sells in New Zealand and we had seen them on some 'must read' book lists. As well as the stories they have a dramatic but historically correct description of how the miners and families at Denniston braved a 2000-feet-high and terrifyingly steep incline, a severe climate and scarce resources to eke out a living from the seams of coal on the Hill. This special edition not only contains the two novels but has a rich collections of historic photographs to illustrate and bring alive the unique lifestyle at Denniston. The two stories take one from the 1880s, through into the twentieth century and are set against the bleak landscape of the Hill. The historic images of past times are paired with those of today to highlight the change from crowded settlements to ghost town.

"Inheritance" by Jenny Pattrick published by Black Swan 2010 ISBN-13: 978 1 86979 307 4 - by the writer of Denniston novels that become best-sells in New Zealand but not in same series.

Sources of Books

The Advanced Book Exchange is a good place to locate New Zealand second-hand books. It is very comprehensive international network of bookshops and one can usually arrange for delivery to the UK. It also allows us to get an indication of the "going rate" for books we are looking for.

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