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Touring New Zealand 2009 - Introduction


We keep planning to take a break from doing our holiday write up but yet again it was only a week or so before we were contacted by some of our usual recipients asking when we were starting so it looks like we will have to carry on. These travelogues are written as we go. They started as a regular series of lighthearted Emails sent out as "News from The Antipodes" where the text was written on a palmtop and copied into the emails with little polishing and only a superficial spell check. This year they were written on our new MSI Wind U100 Netbook running Linux for security on the move. We were even slower starting than last year as Pauline has once more started OU teaching and had a lot to do at the start of a new course. The first one went out as an email but then on we repeated the approach we have used for the last couple of years and uplifted them as we went to our web site and limited the emails to a summary. 

We keep adding pictures as we go, mainly from our Canon A720 IS cameras - we now have two as one went wrong and we got a spare whilst it was being repaired under waranty. We also try to reuse the best previous pictures from film and stills from Peter's digital video camera.

All the pictures on this and the following pages provide details of where they were taken if you hover the cursor over them and they can all be clicked to open a larger version in an Overlay (Lightbox style) or Popup Window. The image display options can be changed using the settings links at the bottom right corner of every page which includes pictures. The 'Spanner' icon or the following link takes one to a page covering the Image Display Options in more detail including bandwidth reduction options.


Background Material

After each visit we also try to extract more from the chronological organisation and consolidate the content into specific pages. Some background pages which may be of interest are:

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