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Touring New Zealand 1999

Introduction and Summary

The 1999 New Zealand holiday was written up as the trip progressed and sent out as a series of emails to friends and others who expressed an interest. The write up was initially done on our old HP95 (which runs for weeks on a couple of AA batteries) then copied weekly onto the Libretto, spell checked and sent out by Email. We tried to keep it lighthearted but to also address the question of what was special about New Zealand as we have been often asked to provide itineries for visitors. This made us think seriously about what aspects of New Zealand make us come back year after year and ultimately led to the "Uniquely New Zealand" section of the Site.

We tried to bring out these themes and provide background information as we wrote up the trip. In reviewing the result we felt could well lose far more than we stood to gain if we changed the original narrative more than necessary and that it would be better to index/crosslink the themes and areas and add any supplimentary information on separate pages where appropriate. Even so the narrative has turned out to be far too long to all be on one page so we have broken it down into four major sections.

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